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how to get to yurtopia,
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Yurtopia is located on White Lake, Ontario. You will need to park at Bayview Lodge, and take a boat to get there.
Get directions to Bayview Lodge, or visit


From Bayview Lodge, you will travel via boat to the Yurt.
Get directions to the Yurt on White Lake

White Lake

White Lake is located about 60 km West of Ottawa, Ontario near Calabogie to the North and Arnprior to the South. White lake can be accessed via Rt. 417 from Ottawa or Rt. 511 from Perth. AMIK cottage is located on the Northwest shore of the lake which is nearest Calabogie, ON.

Length: 16 kilometers/10 miles
Surface Area: 5608 acres/2270 hectares
Perimeter: 98 kilometers/60.8 miles

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